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Meredith Brown Associates puts diversity, equity and inclusion (D, E & I) at the forefront of any recruitment process we are involved in, seeking to understand our clients’ D, E & I strategies and helping them to achieve their aims. We recognise the opportunity we have to help our clients create a more diverse workforce and are fully committed to supporting this by providing a selection of talent without constraints.

As the asset management industry continues to evolve, the value of D, E & I, in aiding business success is increasingly understood. Having a diverse workforce brings together people of various backgrounds with different life experiences and different ways of thinking which can generate ideas and offer perspectives. Different ways of thinking can generate ideas to push businesses forward and foster greater inclusivity within a culture.

As a trusted recruitment specialist in the sector, we believe it is our responsibility to find the best talent in the market, ensuring that people of different races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations form part of the selection process. We provide a tailored service to our clients, understanding their unique D, E & I aims and supporting their strategies to deliver on this. 

We believe that recruitment businesses can play a critical role in fostering diversity in the industries we support. (We do not believe the answer is positive discrimination). We strive to ensure that we are actively seeking out the best and brightest talent from all backgrounds and walks of life.


By creating a diverse team, our clients can better understand the needs of their customers and develop new products and services that meet those needs.

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